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Increase Engagement and Revenue by adding great gaming content to be played within your app!
  • Increase interaction and revenue with personalized in-app content

  • Get access to over 100 hybrid games fully blended within your Application for Free
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Bundle our gaming content within your app

  • Offer great games, bundled and within your content. Keep your users coming back for more.
  • Games are playable from your app, no need to install.
  • With new games added weekly, users are prevented from uninstalling your app.
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Monetize The Unmonetized

  • The only solution that prevents your users from uninstalling your app.
  • Around 10% of users are going to reach and finish the last level on your app, their next step will be – uninstalling your app.
  • Our product detects this situation, and gives your users access to over 100 hybrid games, that will keep your users coming back for more.

The only offerwall that doesn’t push your users out of your app

Our offer wall will enable your user earn points via our in-app bundled games.

Supported platforms

unity pluginandroid sdkhtml5 apiios sdk

What makes so awesome?

20% Revenue Boost

Get an average revenue boost of 20% per user.

Social Networks

Enhance your app with Social networking modules.

Prevent Uninstalling

The only solution that will prevent your users from uninstalling your app once they pass the last level.

More Returning Visitors

Increase Session Length & Engagement.

Virtual Currency

Easily integrate with your virtual currency & IAPs

Fast Integration

Integration time of less than 10 minutes with our 1 MB SDK

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