How is it going to help me and my users?

You get our white label mobile portal with your logo (look-and-feel like your brand) on your domain for example:
Your users will enjoy the best cross platform content available, and best monetization methods including Highest performing video ads for maximum revenue.

How will we cooperate?

We are working on a standard (the most widespread) agreement type. Here are the two options, You can choose the most suitable one for you.
1. 50/50 ads split – (recommended for you) if you choose this option we will show your ads 50% of the time. In this case you need to send us your ad codes.
2. 50/50 revenue (100% our ads). If you choose this option we provide you 50% of the net revenue made on our ads – in this case you will get an automatic daily report from our ad server directly.
How do I start?

In order to start you need:
1.redirect your A record to –> example: =>
2. put the following code in your desktop site’s header:
Replace with your custom url you’ve set up on section 1
What do we need to provide you?

Send us the following:

  1. Let us know the domain you’ve chosed (example:
  2. adcodes for 300X250 320X50 ads
  3. Logo in PNG transparent background – minimum width 250px
  4. Google analytics UAID (if you want)
  5. Adsense for Games ID (if you have one)