Test only in devices after build in APK format . The ads will not be shown in Unity editor.

You can integrate SDK using C# . Import SDK package as Custom Package like this :


Manifest file

Change the package name of the manifest file to your package file located in: Assets/Plugins/Android/AndroidManifest.xml

<manifest xmlns:android=”” package=”com.yourcompany.yourapp” …>

That’s all you have to do with the manifest file.


Start Session

To start using this SDK, you need to implement IEventDelegate interface and give definition to the abstract method of that interface. There are five methods you need to give definition of : void


then start your session by instantiating the instance .

A good place to start it is in the Awake() method of your Script: All you need to do to start your session is call this Static Method of SDKManager Class : SDKManager.Init(“Your Publisher ID”, “Name of the GameObject which contains your script”); If you want to enable notification just call static method : SDKManager. SetNotificationEnable(bool isEnable) immediately after SDKManager.Init(). Example :



All StaticMethods

This is all the the methods of the functionalities you want from this SDK. SDKManager. SetNotificationEnable(bool isEnable);